Sonntag, 8. März 2009

Integral Thinking and Faith Without Certainty

I agree that "Integral Spirituality" (from Ken Wilber) and Evolutionary Spirituality (form Andrew Cohen) contain interesting elements. It is especially the holistic view, and the conviction that there is potential for further development. They are both quiet teleological. It is their conviction that there are "higher states of consciousness" acessible where I see the problems! And an "integral world view" has the potential to become totalitarian. Since it is convinced to have a "theory for everything" (book title of Ken Wilber). This problem goes back to Hegel, and was criticised later by Karl Popper. Further, I see a potential incompatibility of an "integral approach" with a "faith without certainty" (book title of Paul Rasor). And for me faith will remain always without certainty. That is good tradition of liberal religion, too. I don't believe in certainties based on alleged "higher spiritual visions", nor on "reveiled truth" form so called "holly books". But nevertheless I like integral thinking, too. But for me it is only a philosophical world view, open to rationally based cricism.

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