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Eine neue Stimme im Konzert der Evolutionären Spiritualität

Evolutionary Spirituality: Definition, Principles, History (aka Universe Spirituality, Eco-Spirituality)

Summary of the Definitions of Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolutionary means “of or relating to a process of change,” particularly as it relates to the processes of change of the physical universe and its history. The main definitions of Evolutionary Spirituality are as follows. Evolutionary Spirituality:

1.) embraces progressive evolutionary science and the newest discoveries of cosmology.
2.) embraces integrates the most life-affirming wisdom from all of humanity's spiritual heritage to deepen the meanings discovered by the facts of evolutionary and cosmological science.
3.) embraces what is know as today's eco-spirituality movement.
4.) embraces the evolutionary history of spirituality and religion while simultaneously being engaged in evolutionizing current spirituality and religion.
5.) is a type of omni-denominational meta-spirituality and meta-religion.
6.) is embraced and embodied in its basic in a practical sense within the new Universe Principles of Life.

More about Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolutionary Spirituality (also known as Universe Spirituality, Universe Evolutionary Spirituality, Eco-spirituality and even sometimes process theology,) is one of the key foundational spiritual currents which runs within the New Universe Worldview and Universe Spirituality. The ideas of evolutionary spirituality began to emerge in the 1940 and 1950's simultaneously in the east and west. As a spiritual current and theme it has rich layers of meaning.
Evolutionary Spirituality within Universe Spirituality in part relates to the body of scientific knowledge on progressive evolution and spiritual wisdom that can be discerned or reasonably supported concerning Ultimate Reality and how to live our lives with others by looking directly at and studying the deepest reoccurring patterns, directionality and objective scientific probabilities discoverable within the progressive evolutionary processes of 14 billion years of deep time evolution within the universe.
Evolutionary Spirituality as a spiritual current is important in part because it answers the most basic and important life questions from the deep time objective scientific probabilities drawn from our knowledge about the whole progressive evolution of the universe. It also holds as a key and fundamental principle that by using this deep time objective universe knowledge each of us can become conscious and intentional partners and co-creators of the universe evolutionary process itself and thus more efficiently evolve a better world for ourselves and all of life.
Evolutionary Spirituality teaches about the intelligence and creativity that directionalizes and drives evolution itself. It holds that --- only by using the whole universe biggest picture perspective and motivation can we adequately create wise social forms that will effectively align individual, organizational, and planetary self-interests to overcome the massive planetary challenges we all now face.
Evolutionary Spirituality in answering the key life questions also creates a whole new unitive and empowering perspective to enhance, evolve, support or, challenge (when needed,) our past subjective, mystical or traditional religious answers concerning these essential and fundamental questions about life and living. The key existential questions that this new movement answers from a universe science based perspective are:
Where did we come from? (The question of origin.)
Who are we? (The question of identity.)
Why are we here? (The question of purpose.)
Where are we going? (The question of Destiny.)
What Ultimately matters? (The question of meaning.)
How are we to live with each other, the physical world and its non-human inhabitants? (The questions of ethics, morality and right action.)
What happens when we die? (The question of continuity or finality.)
But evolutionary spirituality is not just evolutionary and cosmological science. It also integrates the most life affirming wisdom from all of humanity's spiritual heritage to deepen the meanings discovered by the facts of science. Barbara Marx Hubbard a leading advocate of Evolutionary Spirituality defines it in consciousness and spiritual terms as follows:
"There is arising a new spirituality, experienced as a form of evolutionary consciousness. This consciousness is three-fold: Backward, Inward, and Forward. It reaches backward in time and identifies itself as the whole progressive evolutionary process of creation, recognizing that within our atoms, molecules, cells, organs, brain is the whole story of creation. At the same time, this evolutionary consciousness looks inward to Source, to Pure Awareness, to Oneness and holds that as its center. And then it looks forward, yearning to express the creative impulse within, in spirit-motivated action on behalf of the evolution of the self and the world. Evolutionary spirituality opens up the path of the co-creator... It is a new person. Its purpose and practices are to incarnate the Great Creating Process, to discover deeper life purpose, and to express that purpose through joining with others in the co-creation of a new world."
Universe Spirit
Evolutionary Spirituality: Definition, ...
History of Evolutionary Spirituality

Universe Spirituality ist v.a. das Projekt von Lawrence Wollersheim. Er wurde in den USA bekannt, weil er als Ex-Scientology-Mitglied Scientology erfolgreich auf Schadensersatz in Millionenhöhe verklagt hat und gewonnen hat. Sein Beitrag zur Evolutionären Spiritualität ist originel. Aber er scheint auch sehr gerne lange Texte zu schreiben, wobei die Qualität nicht immer mit der Quantitä zunimmt. Mit seinen neuen Begriffen wie Universe Spirituatlity, The New Universe Worldview und The New Universe Principles of Life macht er so etwas wie ein "rebranding" und versucht sich so von den Grossen der Szene, wie v.a Andrew Cohen und Ken Wilber, abzusetzen. Insgesamt eine erfreuliche, neue Alternative im Feld der Evolutionären Spiritualität. Interessant ist auch "The Evolutionary Manifesto", das von einem Freund von Wollersheim - John Stewart -  geschrieben worden ist.

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