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Ultimate Reality: Words of Wonder and Reverence

  1. Absolute Spirit, Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Inclusiveness or simply    The Absolute
  2. Allah
  3. Anima Mundi (World Soul, Gaia, Universal Soul)
  4. Atman
  5. Brahma
  6. Buddha
  7. Causal
  8. Christ
  9. Christ Consciousness
  10. Cosmic Christ
  11. Consciousness
  12. Conscious Universe
  13. Divine
  14. Divine Feminie (Kali, Oya, Pele, Mary, Shakti, Black Madonna or any of the other many names for Goddess embodying Absolute Divinity in a female manifestation.)
  15. Divine Mother
  16. Divine Mystery
  17. Divine Presence
  18. Divine Providence
  19. Ein Sof
  20. Ever Present Origin
  21. Evolutionary Spirit
  22. God
  23. Godde
  24. Goddess
  25. God/Buddha
  26. Great Consciousness
  27. Great Interconnectedness
  28. Great Mother
  29. Great Mystery
  30. Great Spirit
  31. Great Union
  32. Great Unity
  33. Great Unfolding
  34. Great Radiance
  35. Great Relationship
  36. Higher Power
  37. Highest Essence
  38. Highest Self
  39. Holy Spirit
  40. I am Who am (a non qualitative personal Divinity)
  41. Infinite Consciousness
  42. Infinite Essence
  43. Infinite Mystery
  44. Infinite one
  45. Infinite oneness
  46. Infinite Source
  47. Infinite Spirit
  48. Infinite Wholeness
  49. Integrative Consciousness
  50. Integrative Spirit
  51. Jehovah
  52. Kosmos
  53. Krishna
  54. Larger Self
  55. Love
  56. Mother Universe
  57. Nondual Awareness
  58. Original Essence
  59. Original Organizing Principle
  60. Pre Big Bang Reality
  61. Post Big Bang Reality
  62. Shakti
  63. Shiva
  64. The Cosmos
  65. The Great Oneness
  66. The Source
  67. The Evolutionary Absolute
  68. The Flow of Life or Life Force (Chi, Elan Vital, Prana)
  69. The Infinite
  70. The Great Oneness
  71. The Great Radiance
  72. The Great Spirit
  73. The Tao
  74. The Great Unified Field
  75. The Great Unity
  76. The Force
  77. The Tripartite Absolute, (a term used within Universe Spirit for the combined        Personal, Evolutionary and Impersonal absolutes of God)
  78. The Absolute Trinity or TriUnity
  79. The Supreme
  80. The Universal One
  81. The Ultimate
  82. The Universe or Living Universe
  83. The Universal or Universe Source, Spirit or Soul
  84. Total Reality
  85. Total Pre and Post Big Bang Reality
  86. The Wholeness of the Universe
  87. Ultimate Concern
  88. Ultimate Reality
  89. Ultimate Universe Reality
  90. Ultimate Truth
  91. Ultimate Unity or Oneness
  92. Ultimate Wholeness
  93. Universe Consciousness
  94. Universe Entity
  95. Universal Life
  96. Universal Oneness
  97. Yahweh
  98. Wakan Taka
Ultimate Reality, Universe Spirituality

Spirit of Life Wholeness Eternal One
Wondrous Creation Grander View Fount of Justice
Transforming Grace Circle of Peace O Liberating Love
Great Spirit, Come and Rest In Me Spirit of Truth, of Life, of Power Streams of Mercy Never Ceasing
Deep Power in Which We Exist Highest That Dwells Within Us Mother Spirit, Father Spirit
Come, Spirit, Come Power of Love Web of Life
Love Eternal Grandeur of Creation Boundless Heart
All My Memories of Love Care that Cares for All Stillness
Heart Beat Power of Hope Within Amazing Grace
Open Heart Wonder of Wonders Eternal Home
Chords of Life Spirit of Love Truth Within
Shaper of All Things Wise Silence Blessed Radiance
The Glory of Creation Beauty of the Earth Deep Yearning
Voice Within Source of All Being in All
Fount of Every Blessing Mother Earth Creative Light and Dark
Unfolding Grace Peace Profound The Universal Mind
Beauty, Truth, and Goodness Mother of the Generations Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
One Living Whole Inward Love Truth that Makes Us Free
Silence Hope Undaunted Source of Body and Soul
Spirit Growing in All Longing Fruits of Peace and Love
Still Small Voice Creative Love Blessed Spirit of My Life
Inner Wisdom Inner Beauty Faith, Hope, and Love
Old Mindfulness Giver of All Ever Spinning Universe
Wind of Change The One God
Mother-Father of Us All Lover of All Calm Soul of All Things
Compassion Mysterious Presence Stream of Life
Shield and Defender Living Waters Mystery
Immortal Good Deepest Mystery Universal Beauty
Star of Truth Help of the Helpless Music of the Spheres
Spirit of Heart and Mind Immortal, Invisible Spirit of Life and Renewal
Singer of Life Goddess Author of Creation
Words of Wonder and Reverence, Spirit of Life, UUA

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