Sonntag, 20. September 2009

Giving Up and Letting Go

Giving Up and Letting go
By Hank Dunn
From: Light in the Shadows

Giving up implies a struggle –
Letting go implies a partnership
Giving up dreads the future –
Letting go looks forward to the future
Giving up is a defeat –
Letting go is a victory
Giving up is unwillingly yielding control
To forces beyond myself –
Letting go is choosing to yield to forces beyond myself
Giving up believes that the God is to be feared –
Letting go trusts in God to care for me.

If one is not comfortable with the term God as used above, then please substitute whatever makes more sense – Jane came up with “the future” for the first mention of God, and “the essence of life” for God in the last line. What words would you put in place of God? - I would suggest: the Tao, since Tao is very much linked to flow and letting go.

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  1. Anyway - the poem is fine - up to the closing two lines. I'd suggest:

    "Giving up believes that death is to be feared
    Letting go trusts that there is nothing to fear."

    I was a bit surprised to find it so easy to eliminate "God" from this poem and still keep the essential meaning. BobQ


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