Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Evolution und Nicht-Dualität

In a culture that values individual freedoms above and beyond anything else, it is all too easy to become self-centered and narcissistic. But consider, for a moment, the mind-expanding fact that our highly developed capacity for individuality is the product of a hundred thousand years of cultural evolution, and that cultural evolution is the product of three billion years of biological evolution, and biological evolution is the product of almost fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution. All of it is part of one unfolding process. This recognition engenders a profound sense of connectedness with the entire evolutionary continuum. As our awareness expands dramatically in the direct realization of the nonduality of absolute interrelatedness, our small, personal bubble of separate individuality bursts. Slowly but surely, we discover a powerfully implicating new moral context for our existence here at the leading edge of our evolving cosmos. Andrew Cohen

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